Announcing… CycleSF!

We’re excited to announce the inaugural CycleSF!  On April 28, 2013, CycleSF will host thousands of bicycle riders of all stripes to cycle around our city on a fun-ride that raises funds for the San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department.  Riders may choose between a 24-mile ride or 13-mile ride.

The mission of the event is to promote cycling as part of a healthy lifestyle, and to highlight and celebrate the role of our city’s Recreation and Parks Department in providing a healthy living environment.  CycleSF aims to build civic unity through an event that invites bicycle riders of all levels to traverse our city together, and communally experience San Francisco’s diverse neighborhoods from the seat of a bike.  Thousands of bicycle riders will raise funds to support the programs and infrastructure of the San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department.  We are proud to have San Francisco join other cities around the nation and the globe that also host city-wide, community supported cycling events.

CycleSF is not a race, but rather a fun-ride.  The ride will start at 7am in the China Basin/Mission Bay area, make its way around the city, and end in Golden Gate Park with the last rider coming in at 1pm.  The course will be monitored by the San Francisco Police Department during these times.  As the ride is not a race, there will be traffic breaks staffed by SFPD and DPT officers that will allow some vehicle crossing at critical points.

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7 Responses to Announcing… CycleSF!

  1. Marilyn Stoner says:

    Looks great!

  2. Ray Perman says:

    Dear Cycle SF Volunteers:

    Thank you for organizing and managing such a marvelous event. I’ll wear a tuxedo!

    Ray Perman
    Piedmont, CA

  3. Shannon says:

    I love this, and was all ready to put it in my calendar until I saw it starts at 7am! Oh well, that’s not my idea of fun, so I guess I’ll just smile and wave as it goes by. Unless it would be kosher to start at a more fun hour, like 9 or 10.

  4. Stephany says:

    Let’s do this!!!

  5. Ryan LaBarre says:

    I’m with Shannon, that route is easily doable in ~2 hours at an easy pace. So even with an hour of cushioning, start times as late as 10am could be permitted in order to make it to the park well before the 1pm cutoff, but it’s not clear. Will that be allowed, or do you have to be present for a “mass start” at 7am?

    • Joanna says:

      Hey Ryan, it absolutely is doable within 2 hours, unfortunately our permits with the city restrict us to an early start time for 2013. Every rider will be assigned a starting wave based on pace/experience level, and we strongly recommend sticking with that assignment to minimize congestion and make for an enjoyable ride for all participants. In the future, we hope to offer a later start time, but in our inaugural year we’re a little bit limited. Hope you can join us!

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