CycleSF is a city-wide fun ride created to raise funds and awareness for the San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department.  Our goal is to raise over $100k for SFRPD to fund city bike initiatives, Parks Department Scholarships for low income families, and other Rec and Park programs.

San Francisco’s Recreation and Parks Department’s mission is to provide opportunities for San Francisco residents and visitors alike to gather, play, learn, relax, and enjoy nature throughout the city. They have been accomplishing this year after year through their unending dedication and passion to maintain the 4,113 acres of recreational and open space made up of 220 neighborhood parks, 179 playgrounds, 151 tennis courts, and 72 basketball courts.  These spaces add tremendously to the lifestyle of those that take advantage of it and offer an escape from the urban city life.

In addition, Rec & Park offers countless Recreation Programs for everyone from youth to seniors including Community Service programs, After School programs, Athletics Programs, Outdoor Recreation, and so much more.  They believe that everyone should have access to these wonderful programs and that nobody should be denied because of an inability to pay. With this belief, Rec & Park offers a scholarship program that gives a 50-100% discount on their programs based on eligibility. For more information on the scholarship program please click here.

Each year, Rec & Park actively works toward improving upon their mission of providing enriching recreational opportunities and clean, safe and fun parks for residents and visitors to enjoy.  Simultaneously, extreme budget cuts face the department each year which threatens the existence and well-being of the essential parks and programs the city relies on. Just participation in CycleSF will help us reach our goal of $100,000+ towards the San Francisco Rec & Park Department, but every dollar counts.  Consider making an additional donation or riding for a cause and fundraising for SFRPD.  These funds are critical to securing bike related amenities throughout San Francisco as well as supporting the Scholarship Fund for needy residents.

Fore more information on SF Recreation and Parks Department, please visit their website at