Fundraising Incentives

In our inaugural event, we’re committed to hitting our $100k fundraising goal. We know it’ll be a challenge, but we’ve got faith in the biking community to give back to the parks. To sweeten the deal, we’ve added incentives for our donors AND fundraisers. The more you donate or raise, the more cool prizes you can win, including free entry into the event! Check out the levels below, and get started racking up the shwag.

$100 Donation Incentives

Donation Incentives:

Prizes are cumulative, i.e. $100 dollar donors will also receive the $10 and $25 donation prizes.

  • $10 Donation:  Entered to win a bike from Public Bikes (above)
  • $25 Donation: CycleSF Bike Bell (above) +Special “I Support Rec & Park” Event Bib
  • $100 donation: Stainless Steel CycleSF Water Bottle (fits in bike carrier) (above)

Donate Now!

Fundraising Incentives:

Prizes are cumulative, i.e. $700 dollar fundraisers will also receive the $175 and $350 fundraising prizes.

  • $175 Fundraised: CycleSF registration fees reimbursed
  • $350 Fundraised: Cycle SF Bike Jersey
  • $700 Fundraised: CycleSF Bib Shorts

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Rules:  In order to be eligible for donation incentives, donors must give gifts in one transaction.  Fundraisers will have an account and receive credit for cumulative donations received in their fundraising campaign.  Fundraisers will not receive donation incentives unless they make a donation to their own campaign or another campaign.  Incentive prizes must be picked up on event day, no prizes will be mailed.  Fundraisers eligible for event registration reimbursement will be refunded within 30 days of CycleSF, charges will be credited back to the card on file for their account.  Donors and fundraisers do not need to be registered in order to earn incentive prizes.   All incentives are individual, they are not applicable to group fundraising totals.