Elite Rider Program

A select group of advanced cyclists will be able to ride in an escorted peloton around the city of San Francisco.  This fast-paced, fun, group ride will give you a chance to ride around the city like you never have.  Imagine jamming around 24 miles of San Francisco streets, with no cars, in an energetic peloton of fellow cyclists.  You will have lead and follow vehicles, and will keep a brisk pace.  You’ll need to keep up with your group, so this option is only for experienced cyclists.  If you fall behind your group, you will be dropped and be subject to slowing and stopping points on the route.  We expect to be able to keep the route totally unimpeded, but realize that you may have to slow or stop for cross traffic.  The elite groups will only ride the 24 mile route, not the 13 mile route.
Riders will choose 1 of 3 pace groups: 26 mph, 23 mph, or 20mph.
You must read and understand the following:
This is a fast, fun, group ride for advanced cyclists. This is not a race. There is no timing, no podium, so have fun and ride safely.  We will endeavor to allow elites to ride unimpeded by cross traffic or other obstacles, but you may have to slow or stop.  If at any time a police officer, a parking control officer, event staff, or a course monitor instruct you to slow or stop, you must follow their instructions.  The elite groups will not stop at rest stops.  You may not pass the lead cyclist in your group.  If you fall behind the tail cyclist in your group, you have been dropped, and no longer have the vehicle escort.  You must slow down, and be prepared to stop when directed to do so by course staff and SFPD.  All riders must, above all, ride safely at all times. 

Riders who would like to participate in the elite corral must select this option during registration.  There is a $35 charge for participation.  If you are already registered but would like to switch into the elite corral, please contact us.